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About SEA Aquarium Singapore

Get amazed by the glory of SEA Aquarium Singapore, one of Southeast Asia's most breathtaking aquariums. This S.E.A. Aquariums is, without a doubt, a magical underwater realm, as you can see nearly 100,000 aquatic species from the world's major oceans. Around ten different ecosystems are spread out across a vast area. From the Great Lakes of East Africa, to the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea and Straits of Malacca, there are more than a thousand aquatic species to meet your needs.

Exotic marine species such as leopard sharks, swarms, and goliath groupers are readily available. Occasionally, it may appear as if two-legged mammals are peering in from the other side of the tank.

Head to Sharks Sea Habitat if you're looking for a more extensive experience! Sharks like the aggressive silver tip and the scalded hammerhead are frequently seen in this area. In addition, right in the middle of SEA Aquarium Sentosa, lies an Open Ocean Habitat. It's possible to get aquarium tickets that look like a gigantic aquarium and feel like you're standing on the ocean floor. If you want to lose yourself in the vast ocean view projected through transparent panels, you may certainly do so for quite some time.

Buying SEA Aquarium Singapore Tickets Online

You must buy the SEA Aquarium tickets online because you can reserve a tour slot in advance if you purchase through the online store or one of the partner outlets. Besides, you will get instant confirmation and can bag great discounts with promo codes. Moreover, You can get hold of the three variants SEA Aquarium tickets that include the standard, VIP and Combo tickets. With all these tickets, you'll have access to two of Singapore's most popular attractions. You don't have to wait in long lines to get into either of these attractions like Universal Studios Singapore or Adventure Cove Waterpark, in addition to the SEA Aquarium. In fact it will be up to you when you use this ticket, as long as it's within the first two months of purchase.

SEA Aquarium Singapore Ticket Variations

S.E.A Aquarium Singapore Tickets

The SEA Aquarium ticket price is quite affordable and lets you visit the S.E.A. Aquarium and see marine life at its best. Check out the Open Ocean Habitat show to learn how professional divers engage with the interesting marine life. A big glass viewing screen allows visitors to peer into the ocean's unknown depths. In 10 zones, you'll find reproductions of 49 habitats, as well as fascinating tidbits about the Red Sea, South China Sea, and more.

Universal Studio Singapore + S.E.A Aquarium Singapore Tickets

This two-in-one combo ticket gives you access to both Universal Studios Singapore and the S.E.A. Aquarium, so you can enjoy both attractions at once. Visitors to Universal Studios Singapore can enjoy a variety of themed zones and thrilling attractions; be on the lookout for your favourite Madagascar and Minions characters. Discover more than 100,000 aquatic animals representing more than 1,000 different species at S.E.A. Aquarium, and learn amazing things about fish while watching the divers feed them during free events.

Universal Studios Singapore + S.E.A. Aquarium + Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets

Spend less time and money while seeing three of Singapore's most popular theme parks with our 3-in-1 package! Come to Universal Studios Singapore and experience seven themed zones and exhilarating attractions! Keep an eye out for Madagascar's cast and the Minions, as well as other beloved characters. Prepare for a day of high-octane fun at Adventure Cove Waterpark! Take a trip on a roller coaster, dive in a sea of 20,000 fish, or just relax on a riverbank. S.E.A Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals, and lets you learn amazing things about fish while watching the divers feed them during free events.

S.E.A. Aquarium + Gardens by the Bay

Discover more than 100,000 marine creatures at S.E.A. Aquarium. Take a look at India's Great Lakes, the Andaman Sea, and the Straits of Malacca and the Bay of Bengal. In addition, the Gardens by the Bay's double conservatories are included in the price of this combo ticket. Explore the Flower Dome, the world's largest glass greenhouse, and the Cloud Forest, which is home to the world's tallest indoor waterfall, both of which were included in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records.

Advantages of Booking SEA Aquarium Singapore Tickets From Us

SEA Aquarium Singapore tickets should be purchased online rather than at the event. Due to its enormous popularity, tickets for this attraction are flying off the shelves. In order to buy tickets in person, you'll have to wait in line for a long time. Purchasing your tickets online and early will ensure that you receive the booking date of your choice, so you may enjoy observing marine life in its natural habitat in the world's largest aquarium, the South East Asia (S.E.A.) Aquarium.

Skip the Line with a Ticket Purchase-The fascinating SEA Aquarium is a renowned tourist destination, and lets you explore the marine domain in the intriguing underwater environment. Pre-ordering your tickets online eliminates the need to stand in line, and helps you save some on the SEA Aquarium ticket price.

Purchase your tickets in advance-Make a plan ahead of time, reservations for the S.E.A Aquarium Singapore must be made in advance. You'll receive an email containing your e-tickets, which you'll need to show at the attraction when you arrive.

Comfort/Ease-This ticket saves you time and money by avoiding long queues and charging the same amount. Instead, you might take a leisurely stroll up to observe the frenzied action.

Discounts and the most cost effective offers-Take advantage of the best SEA Aquarium Sentosa Tickets and save a significant amount of money on the activity.

Combo tickets-Indulge in Singapore's many attractions like Adventure Cove, Gardens by the Bay, and Universal studios, all included in the combo SEA Aquarium ticket price.

Spot Aquatic Animal at SEA Aquarium Singapore

More than 100,000 sea animals live in this cutting-edge facility of SEA Aquarium Sentosa which spans ten zones and 49 habitats in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa. You'll find the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, scalloped hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks, octopuses of various shapes and sizes, and the Japanese spider crab in this wonderful underwater environment.

Knobbly Sea Star

One of Singapore's biggest sea stars, the Knobbly Sea Star, may be found here. To distinguish it from other sea stars, it has dark brown bumps on its body and arms that resemble chocolate chips.

Leopard Whipray

It is common to see leopard whiprays along coral reefs; the leopard-like pattern on their skin gave them their name. Shelled invertebrates, including shrimp and crabs, are consumed by these fish. Unsustainable fishing practices have put them on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Long-spined Sea Urchin

The venomous spines of long-spined sea urchins can reach a length of 30 centimetres. When the sea urchin population is healthy, it is the primary grazer that keeps the reef from being overgrown with algae.

Moon Jelly

It is common to find moon sea jellies in both tropical and temperate oceans. They have a moon-shaped bell that is transparent, and during the day, moon sea jellies travel to the surface to feed, and at night, they return to the depths.

Napoleon Wrasse

The hump on the Napoleon fish's forehead resembles Napoleon Bonaparte's cap, therefore they are referred to as Napoleon fish. Overfishing and illegal trading have decimated the population of Napoleon wrasses, one of the largest reef fish.

Pickhandle Barracuda

In the wild, pickhandle barracudas hunt alone and are highly active. Pickhandle barracudas, despite their reputation for being solitary, have been recorded in small groups. Bar-like markings, which resemble pickaxe handles, are what give them their name.

Poison Arrow Frog

Poison arrow frogs' survival depends on them transporting both their eggs and their young to water sources, which they do by carrying them on their backs. Poisons from plants are fed to them by spiders, termites, and ants, who carry them to their prey. These frogs come in a range of colours, including green, yellow, blue, and red.

Queen Angelfish

Blue and yellow hues make up the queen angelfish's striking appearance. Yellow rims on the scales distinguish their compressed body coloration (blue to blue-green). The dark blue mark on their forehead, which looks like a "crown," is what gives them their common name.

Reef Manta Ray

Reef Manta Rays are among the ocean's largest species, and it's surprising to learn that despite their massive size, they eat on microscopic plankton. Manta rays' underbelly patterns are like fingerprints in that they allow us to identify specific individuals. In honour of their great stature, they were given the Spanish word for cloak or mantle, "Manta."

Sand Tiger Shark

They have sharp teeth specialised to pierce the flesh of soft-bodied prey. They are the only known sharks to gulp air from the surface, which they store in their stomach to stay buoyant in the water. They are threatened with extinction due to slow reproduction rates and overfishing.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

Unlike other shark species, Scalloped Hammerhead sharks use sensory organs on the broad tops of their heads to pick up on electrical signals from their food. Their hammer-shaped heads are used to hold prey in place on the seafloor.

Javanese Cownose Ray

It is common to find Javanese Cownose Ray in low marine and coastal waters. Crushing the shell of their prey is made easier by their powerful jaws. In order to disclose hidden oysters and clams, they can synchronise the fluttering of their pectoral fins. The form of their heads resembles a cow's nose, therefore they are known as the Cownose Rays.

Zones Offered in SEA Aquarium Singapore Tickets

With the SEA Life Aquarium cheap tickets you can explore 8 themed zones. The first zone is the Shipwrecked where you can discover the shipwreck-turned artificial reefs. School of Fish being the second zone helps you discover over 5000 fishes. At the Ocean Diversity you can stare at a diversity of aquatic creatures like sea jellies, dolphins, and octopus. The other zones like Open Ocean Habitat, Quirky Adaptations, Underwater City and Aquatic Ecosystems let you come close to other-worldly creatures like nurse sharks, sea stars, and elephant fish.


If you buy SEA Aquarium tickets online you get to visit the Shipwreck Habitat, which is the first exhibit of S.E.A. Aquarium, featuring more than 4 million gallons of water. Corals and sponges have made shipwrecks their home, and you can learn more about how they've done it. An interactive walk-through tunnel and a wide viewing panel make up the Shipwreck Habitat's two galleries, which together create a unique viewing experience for visitors. Beautiful soundscapes and cutting-edge lighting effects help to make the exhibit come to life and give visitors a sense of being underwater.

School of Fish

At the School of Fish, you may learn about over 5,000 different species of fish and put your newly acquired skills to the test. Meet some outstanding record holders while learning about Singapore's aquatic biodiversity.

Ocean Diversity

Our oceans aren't just home to the colourful fish we've come to know and love. Come see octopuses, dolphins, and more than 1,000 sea jellies in their natural habitats with the SEA Aquarium tickets. It's possible to find fried egg sea jellies here, which have domes on their bells and look like yolks.

Open Ocean Habitat

With the SEA Aquarium tickets you can head to the Open ocean Habitat which is a highlight of S.E.A Aquarium and is unlike any other water attraction you've ever seen. Over 129 species of marine life can be found in this incredible ecosystem, which holds 18 million litres of water.

Quirky Adaptations

So many amazing creatures live in our oceans, some more out-of-this-world than the rest! The elephant fish is only one of nature's oddballs, so come see them for yourself at the Quirky Adaptations Zone! The Bumphead Parrotfish, one of the biggest coral reef fishes, may grow up to 1.3 metres in length and can be found here.

Underwater City

The zone of Underwater City can be explored with SEA Aquarium Singapore tickets, and here you can learn about coral reefs' beauty and mysteries. The marine environment relies on these city-like massive underwater buildings. Learn why and how you can help save them by joining them. Blue tangs, which are surgeonfish with a royal blue body, yellow tail, and black palette shape on their body, can be found here.

Apex Predators of the Sea

There are more than 100 apex predators in the sea to see, including golden nurse sharks and the rare scalloped hammerhead shark. This is also the best place in the world to see Black-Reef sharks up close and personal.

Aquatic Ecosystems

Learn about the ties that bind the wildlife of our rainforests and the marine life of our oceans. Take a dip in the Discovery Pool and get up close and personal with a variety of marine life, including the knobby starfish. (Black Sea Cucumber), which is found on the seafloor and feeds on decomposing organic debris, can be found here.

Know Before You Book SEA Aquarium Singapore Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach
  • Spectacular aquatic life awaits you at SEA Aquarium Singapore, and you will be able to go on an underwater adventure like no other.

  • There are over 100,000 marine animals from over 800 species scattered throughout 10 zones and 49 habitats!

  • Check out the Open Ocean Habitat show to learn how professional divers interact with the interesting marine life.

  • A huge glass observation panel allows you to catch a glimpse of the ocean's unfathomable depths.

  • Discover little-known facts about the Open Ocean, the Red Sea, the South China Sea, and more with precise representations of 49 ecosystems spread across 10 zones.

  • Opening Hours-It stays open from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM but is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Best time to visit-It's preferable to visit the SEA Aquarium Singapore as soon as it's open for business in the early morning. At this time of day, the aquarium is less crowded, so you'll have plenty of time to see all of its exhibits.

  • Location-It is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

1.) By BusThe Resorts World Sentosa Bus Stop 14519 may be reached via bus from Vivocity or Harbourfront. On Level 1, you'll need to enter the forum. A short walk from the bridge will bring you to the Museum of Maritime Experiential History and the aquarium is inside it.

2.) By Cable CarThe cable car is a popular mode of transportation and a popular mode of sightseeing. Disembark at the Imbiah Station after taking a cable car from Harbourfront station. Using the Sentosa express, get off at Waterfront station! Once you've found the Merlion Statuette, walk across the bridge to the Maritime Experiential Museum. As a part of the museum, you can find the aquarium.

3.) By CarDrive on the Sentosa Gateway and stay in the left lane towards the Resorts World Sentosa Car Park. To get to B1 East, take a right at the 'Cars/https://www.Taxi' spot and then follow the signs. Find the nearest Car Park directory and follow the directions to the S.E.A. Aquarium on Level 1.

  • Food and drink from the outside are not permitted, although you are permitted to bring baby food, formula, and the like into the aquarium.

  • Avoid the crowds by arriving at the park as early as possible.

  • Visiting the aquarium on a weekday rather than on a weekend is always a good idea because it is less crowded.

  • Buying a skip-the-line ticket is a good idea because it will save you a lot of time.

  • You are not permitted to bring in any food from outside the aquarium.

  • Inside the aquarium, nevertheless, there are a variety of eateries where you may sample a wide range of cuisines.

  • Inside the building, smoking is not permitted under any circumstances.

  • No pets are allowed inside the aquarium.

  • Keep in mind that you can take pictures inside the aquarium.

  • ATMs can be found just outside the aquarium if you need to withdraw money.

FAQs of SEA Aquarium Singapore

Is there a way to skip the regular queue at S.E.A. Aquarium?

Yes, there is a way to skip the regular queue at SEA Aquarium Singapore. All you have to do is purchase a one-day skip the line ticket only to avoid the 3-4 kilometre long queues.

Can I buy tickets on the day of my visit?

Yes, you can buy SEA Aquarium Singapore tickets on the same day of your visit. However, it is recommended that you buy your ticket online rather, as it will be cheaper and allow you to avoid the long lines at the ticket booths. That's not to add that day-of-the-visit tickets are subject to supply. In order to avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you buy your tickets online at least 24 hours in advance of your visit.

Where can I purchase tickets to the S.E.A. Aquarium?

You can easily buy SEA Aquarium tickets online with exclusive deals and promotions.

Can I leave and re-enter S.E.A. Aquarium?

Yes, as long as you have an all-day ticket, you are free to exit and re-enter the SEA Aquarium Singapore Park as many times as you choose.

Are there price differences for S.E.A. Aquarium ticket on different dates?

No, there are no price differences for the SEA Life Aquarium cheap tickets on different dates.

Can I bring outside food into S.E.A. Aquarium?

The SEA Aquarium Sentosa does not allow visitors to bring in any food or beverages, except for baby formulas, special dietary food, and food for those with allergies. You can dine in the S.E.A Aquarium's Ocean Restaurant and Ocean Bites.

Can I make a reservation without purchasing a ticket?

No, you cannot make a reservation without purchasing SEA Aquarium tickets. Tickets can be purchased on the official website if you don't already have one

How do I get to S.E.A. Aquarium?

By MRTA MRT ride is the quickest and most convenient method of getting to SEA Aquarium Singapore from your home or office. You can get to VivoCity Shopping Mall by using the MRT from the Sentosa Island stop near the S.E.A Aquarium. It may be found on level three, as indicated by the signs and arrows.

Are S.E.A. Aquarium tickets refundable?

No SEA Aquarium Sentosa tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Even if there is bad weather, you cannot get a refund on the tickets.


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