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About Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore is a great place to cool down in the sweltering heat. Thrill seekers will find seven exhilarating water coasters, such as Pipeline Plunge, which sends riders careening around banked bends and dramatic twists before splashing into a pool of water. The Adventure River takes you through many environments such as lush jungle, a mystifying cavern, and an underwater tunnel where you'll see a bevy of marine life swimming around you.

A lagoon with 20,000 friendly fish playing hide-and-seek in the man-made reef is available at the Rainbow Reef. Ray Bay is a great place to get up and personal with rays, allowing you to gently stroke their velvety wings as they swim by. The Seahorse Hideaway, a small wading pool with fountains that are exactly the correct size for tots, is just one of a number of kid-friendly attractions.

The Bay Restaurant is a great place to eat after a day of fun in the sun. The patio overlooking the waterpark is the perfect place to end a day of fun with a delicious meal of Asian and Western cuisine

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Since 2015, Adventure Cove has been recognised as the top-ten water park in Asia as a result of its visitors' votes. Adventure Cove Waterpark's immersive activities are what set it apart from the competition. Visitors can interact with an array of aquatic animals in a number of settings, including a Ray Bay and a Shark Encounter, as well as the Rainbow Reef, at SeaWorld. With seven exhilarating water slides and rides, including Southeast Asia's first hydro-magnetic coaster, the Riptide Rocket, it is a waterpark enthusiast's dream come true. Among the many attractions at Adventure Cove Waterpark is Dolphin Island, a place where guests can get up close and personal with Indo-Pacific dolphins. You must book the Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets online to avoid the hassle of standing in the queues. Also, You can lay your hands on the ACW May-Aug Peak, Non-Peak, Dated, and Open-Dated Admission tickets that let you enjoy the various attractions of the park, and hop on thrilling rides. In addition to saving time and money, booking these tickets online allows you to take advantage of lower ticket prices and snag great discounts.

Things to Do at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Experience Mind Blowing Rides:Whether you're looking for high-speed thrills or calming delights, Adventure Cove Waterpark has something for you. If you grab the Adventure Cove tickets it is impossible to resist the allure of the Riptide Rocket, while Adventure River provides you a peaceful alternative.

Enjoy Dolphin Encounters: Check out the stunning bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat at Dolphin Island. Learn about these wonderful marine creatures from the sidelines, in a wading pool, or in deeper waters with a wide variety of educational and recreational programmes. By learning about the dolphins with the Adventure Cove tickets you will also obtain a better understanding of the marine environment and the research we are conducting to make it more sustainable.

Visit Lip-Smacking Dining Options:While out exploring the water, you can stop by Blue Ice Treats for an energy-boosting fast drink and snack. Refuel your body and mind with a variety of iced drinks and snacks that are ready to be consumed at any time of the day. Having bought the Adventure Cove tickets you have a plethora of options to choose from, including popcorn chicken, delectable corn dogs, and a variety of sandwiches, at eateries here that are open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Buy your favourites at Shopping Places:Stop in for souvenirs, premium surf and swimwear, and more all under one roof. Get a fresh pair of flip flops if you've forgotten your swimsuits or just want to change things up a bit. Reef N Wave Wear is here to help you out with its surf and beachwear boutique where you can get the most up-to-date styles and interesting mementos.

Rides in Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure River

Get in your tube and travel down the Adventure River for a laid-back day in the sun. It is one of Sentosa Adventure Cove’s rides where at the end of the river, you'll be able to see marine life swimming above you in an underwater tunnel as you relax. Returned floats can be left in the pool or deposited at one of the many float return stations that dot the river's course. You take a leisurely ride down 14 stunningly designed areas, through an underwater tunnel besides a jungle garden and a grotto cave. You also get to take a peek around you in the underwater tunnel and be amazed by the variety of marine life.

Age and Height Restrictions A supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm in height.

Attraction Type Outdoor, slow moving river

Big Bucket Treehouse

Sentosa Adventure Cove’s Big Bucket Treehouse is located on the left and right of Bluewater Bay, respectively. With its park set-up including slides and a large water bucket that sprays everybody in its area, the Big Bucket Treehouse is more suited to older children. Thus just a few of the various water games enjoyed by children of all ages: a filled bucket, a rushing waterfall, and a cargo net to climb back to the top!

Age and Height Restrictions A supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm in height.

Attraction Type Outdoor, Wading Pool

Bluewater Bay

If you've ever wanted an experience like no other, go no further than this enormous swimming pool! Try to hold your balance while the waves sway about you, giving you a mimicked ocean sensation! There's no doubt that everyone will have a great time at Bluewater Bay! Visitors to this wave park at Sentosa Adventure Cove can lounge about in lounge chairs and cabanas along its shores and romp around this enormous wave pool.

Age and Height RestrictionsA supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm in height.

Attraction Type Outdoor, wave pool

Dueling Racer

The Dueling Racer slide at Adventure Cove Singapore offers a fantastic opportunity to challenge a buddy to a competitive race. For the most exhilarating experience ever, grab a mat and head to the water slide. This exciting and challenging two-person water slide is a great way to spice up your day! On this two-lane Dueling Racer waterslide, put your slide abilities to the test and compete against your companion. Don't let the dips and obstacles slow you down as you race to the bottom!

Age and Height Restrictions Guests who are shorter than 107cm are not permitted to ride. A supervising adult is required for children whose height ranges from 107cm to 122cm.

Attraction Type Outdoor, racing water slide

Pipeline Plunge

On this fast pipeline slide at Sentosa Adventure Cove, the activity never stops pumping. Thrill-seekers will be stunned by banked bends, extreme twists and exciting dips before crashing into a pool of water. It's a fast-paced, dark, and fascinating adventure! Ride a water tornado in the dark with the Pipeline Plunge! It's sure to give you the chills and the goosebumps!

Age and Height Restrictions Guests who are shorter than 107cm are not permitted to ride. A supervising adult is required for children whose height ranges from 107cm to 122cm.

Attraction TypeOutdoor, high-speed water slide

Spiral Washout

The claimed "Spiral Washout" rollercoaster delivers on its promises. If you've ever wanted to go on a roller coaster that twists and turns, this is the ride for you. Hold tight as you swing and swirl your way through the tube ultimately into a splash pool. Embark on an adrenaline-pumping tube ride that will take you down a twisting, swirling water flume at breakneck speeds before you're dumped into a splash pool.

Age and Height Restrictions Kids under the height of 122cm are not permitted to ride.

Attraction Type Outdoor Thrilling Water Slide

Tidal Twister

You'll never know what's in store for you in this thrilling and surprising water ride! Swirling and slaloming down a track, the Tidal Twister is a crowd-pleaser for visitors. As soon as you believe it's peaceful and relaxing, it suddenly bursts into a frenzy of pace! Avoid being fooled by the sluggish start! A leisurely open flume ride quickly falls into a path of many swirls and twists, sending you skidding into oblivion at top speed and maximum excitement!

Age and Height Restrictions Kids under the height of 122cm are not permitted to ride.

Attraction Type Outdoor, thrilling water slides

Rainbow Reef

One of Adventure Cove Singapore’s best attractions is the Rainbow Reef, where the action really heats up! There are more than 21,000 species of fish living in the coral reef, which is accessible through snorkelling. The underwater world is a wonderful place, and watching these fish play hide and seek will take your breath away! Join us for a snorkel around the rainbow reef, where over 20,000 reef residents come together in kaleidoscopes of colour. Fish and marine life in all shapes, sizes, and colours can be seen up close and personal.

Age and Height Restrictions Guests who are shorter than 107cm are not permitted to ride. A supervising adult is required for children whose height ranges from 107cm to 122cm.

Attraction Type Outdoor, snorkeling


What could be better than a course of adventure? A water-based obstacle course! A never-ending stream of daredevil-inducing activities awaits you in the Splashworks arena. Climb the cargo net, traverse the balancing beam, and take a leap of faith from the jump cliff! At Splashworks, challenge after challenge is stacked upon difficulty. Extreme activities include platform cliff leaping, wet and wild rope hanging over the safety net of an inviting deep pool, and daredevil-like balancing acrobatics.

Age and Height Restrictions Kids under the height of 122cm are not permitted to ride.

Attraction Type Outdoor, obstacle-based attraction

Dolphin Experiences at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Dolphin AdventureAt Sentosa Adventure Cove’s Dolphin Adventure, develop a closer relationship with these gorgeous and delicate marine creatures as you explore deeper waters for a more thrilling encounter. On a bodyboard, experience the exhilaration of being propelled through the water by a dolphin.

Dolphin DiscoveryIn the Dolphin Discovery’s shallow water, you may get up close and personal. You will have the opportunity to engage closely with dolphins in order to observe and comprehend their behaviour. In addition, you can acquire interesting information about them.

Dolphin EncounterWithout going into the water, get right up close with this intelligent species, as it is the only dolphin engagement programme for youngsters below four years of age. You will learn about the anatomy of dolphins and how to conserve these happy sea mammals. Your children can get over any fear that they may have as interaction and feeding sessions are held here.

Dolphin ObserverDolphin Observer is a programme exclusive to the family and friends of participants in the Dolphin Discovery and Dolphin Adventure interaction programmes. Furthermore, you will not need to enter the sea, in fact, as an observer you will have an excellent view of all the action from your position in the shade!

Dolphin TrekDolphin Trek is the nearest one can get to these thinking beings. All you have to do is wear an ocean trekking suit and explore dolphins' graceful aquatic movement while submerged with them. The special suits enable guests to walk on the floor of the lagoon and observe the amazing species in their natural habitat.

Ray Bay EncounterAt Ray Bay Encounter, meet manta rays and stingrays up close and personal while swimming with them in the azure waters and learning about these amazing species. Patrons can also interact with the rays by feeding them and playing games. However, ensure that participants must be at least107 centimetres tall and 5 years old in order to participate.

Dining Options at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Blue Ice TreatsAn array of food and beverages, including turkey legs, sandwiches, and corn dogs, are available at this Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart in front of Bluewater Bay.

Hot Dogs and Drinks CartOn the menu of Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart there are items such as Nasi Briyani, Hotdogs, Banger and Mash, Nachos with cheese, and drinks that may be consumed while on the go. This stall's fare is certified Halal.

Other Famous Attractions to See at Sentosa Island

S.E.A Aquarium

A magnificent marine world awaits visitors to the S.E.A. Aquarium which is one of the most breathtaking aquariums in Southeast Asia. Imagine what it would be like to explore the marine realm of the S.E.A. Aquarium through the intriguing undersea environment. Authorities here exert significant effort to re-establish a natural habitat to ensure the survival of the local population. You'll discover leopard sharks, squadrons, and goliath groupers of all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for more, Sharks Sea Habitat is a great place to spend the day. These waters are frequented by hammerhead and silver tip sharks, both of which are aggressive.

Universal Studios Singapore

Based on the popular Hollywood films made by Universal Studios, Singapore's Universal Studios is a one-of-a-kind studio. This is the ideal zone for amazing rides and entertainment, having opened in 2010 with seven themed zones and countless rides and events. There are 18 distinct attractions in a huge 18-acre area that is home to the theme park. There are 24 rides in all, all of which have been thoughtfully created and meticulously maintained. A day at Universal Studios Singapore would be an amazing experience if you're looking for thrills and spills in the city of Singapore.

Madame Tussauds Singapore

Singapore is home to the seventh Asian site for the world-famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Every year, a large number of tourists from over the world flock to Madame Tussauds Museum to spend time with their favourite celebrities. This Singapore museum's centrepiece is a collection of life-like wax sculptures. Madame Tussauds has it all, from statues of sports stars to wax figures of athletes and historical personalities. Visitors to the museum never pass up the opportunity to take a selfie with their favourite star in wax. You'd better hold your breath if you think Madame Tussaud's Singapore simply features lifelike sculptures of famous people; because the museum's combination of awe and style will leave you speechless.

Know Before You go Adventure Cove Waterpark

Opening hours & Closing Time & How To Reach
Facilities & Dress Code

Opening hours & Closing Time The park opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM Friday to Sunday but remains closed from Tuesday to Thursday.
How to Reach

By Cable CarIt's best to take a cable car to go to the waterpark by riding the Imbiah cable car from Harbourfront station to the station. To get to the Waterfront, board the Sentosa express train and get out at the station there. Follow the path leading to the Merlion Statue and the Maritime Experiential Museum the Adventure Cove Singapore can be found by following the signs along the shoreline.

By BusAt the Resorts World Sentosa Bus Stop, get off at Bus Stop 14519. Get in the elevator to the first floor from the Forum. Sentosa Adventure Cove may be found by following the signs along the waterfront.

By CarTo get to Adventure Cove Waterpark, use google maps as this place is easily accessible by car.

Facilities The Sentosa Adventure Cove has facilities such as lockers, wheelchairs for physically challenged people, and drinking fountains for thirsty tourists. The other facilities include strollers for babies, first aid stations for anyone who undergoes any injuries and an ATM for cash withdrawal.

Dress Code Since Adventure Cove Singapore is a waterpark you can easily wear wet suits, round-neck t-shirts, bodysuits, board shorts, and swimming suits. If you are carrying children along you can easily make them wear swimming/waterproof diapers. However, make sure you do not reach the site in long skirts, diapers, clothes with buckles, buttons or zippers. It is also recommended that you do not wear jackets or jeans.

Essential Tips for Adventure Cove Waterpark

  • As the day wears on, the adventure rides tend to grow more busy, so it's better to ride them first before moving on to the other attractions.
  • Aside from the Ray Bay and Shark Encounter, you'll want to spend money on the other marine adventures. For these activities, you don't even have to be an expert diver.
  • The park prohibits visitors from bringing in food or beverages.
  • Towels given to visitors are expected to be returned.
  • The Bay Restaurant is the finest value for money in the waterpark's dining selections. The many food carts dotted throughout the waterpark offer inexpensive and delectable fare.
  • Lockers can be found near the front door and the Bay Restaurant. When looking for a parking spot, choose the one next to the Bay restaurant because it's more convenient than the one across the street.
  • As most rides are outside, and Singapore may get quite hot at times during the day; thus before jumping on the rides, make sure you've applied sunscreen and conditioned your hair.

FAQs of Adventure Cove Waterpark

What are the best rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Some of the best rides as Adventure Cove Singapore include the Pipeline Plunge where you go on a journey through the dark and the soothing waters of the ocean, filling yourself with adrenaline-pumping twists and turns as you make your way down the winding pipe; the Riptide Rocket where you hop on a super-speed roller coaster and experience sharp turns, plunging twists, and terrifying drops. Other best rides at this waterpark include the Spiral Washout where you'll see an oscillating path filled with severe bends and turns, and Duelling Racer where you race your friend on blue rubber mats in two identical lanes lying parallel to each other.

Is Dolphin Island safe to visit at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Yes, Dolphin Island is safe to visit at Adventure Cove Waterpark as this interactive attraction gives you the opportunity to interact with friendly Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

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How long is it required to experience the whole Adventure Cove Waterpark to the fullest?

The amount of time it takes to see all of the rides at the park depends on how long you have to wait in line for each one. You should be able to ride all of the rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark in about 4 hours at the most.

Can Adventure Cove Tickets be booked in advance?

Yes, you can book the Adventure Cove tickets online. In light of the epidemic, attractions around the world are operating at a reduced capacity. To ensure a seat, which may sell out quickly, it's better to reserve yours online well in advance. That way, you can sit back and relax, worry-free, and stay fully immersed in the event.

Should I book my Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets online?

Yes, you must book an amazing experience like Adventure Cove Waterpark online as you get to save money and time by reserving your time slots in advance. Purchasing tickets also online saves you from the inconvenience of waiting in long lines.

What are different animal encounters at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

The different Adventure Cove Singapore encounters include getting up close and personal with the sandbar, silvertip and hammerhead sharks at the Shark Encounter, meeting the stingrays and manta rays at the Ray Bay, and being greeted by the Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins at the Dolphin Island.


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