AJ Hackett Sentosa

What's AJ Hackett Sentosa?

A.J. Hackett Singapore is the city-state’s most iconic thrill-seeking attractions, offering not only breath-taking aerial thrills but also stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the perfect opportunity for a fun day out with friends or family. The harvest customs of Vanuatu's Pentecost Islanders inspired AJ Hacket, a New Zealand builder, to construct this massive edifice. As a result, it attracts a wide range of visitors from all over the world, including locals.

With a bungy, jump 47 metres into the air and land headfirst on the earth at a high rate of speed if you have the courage to do so. The Giant Swing and Skybridge are available for individuals who lack the courage to take on the Bungy Jump. You can have it all and more at AJ Hackett Sentosa! Take in the scenery and capture thrilling moments at AJ's Bar & Beach Dining, where you may eat and drink while savouring your meal.

It's easy to bring the whole family to AJ Hackett Sentosa because of the safe environment and wide range of entertaining activities. Get your adrenaline pumping and make memories with your loved ones by visiting AJ Hackett during your Singapore vacation!

Buy AJ Hackett Sentosa Tickets Online for Amazing Deals

You should book your AJ Hackett Singapore experience by purchasing your tickets online ahead of time, to be able to sit back, relax, and take it all in at your own pace. Besides, there are a great deal of discounts that you will enjoy. Apart from bagging discounts you will also be able to make the most of the combos like Bungy + Skybridge + SGD5 F&B Voucher lets you experience the thrill of bungee jumping at Skypark Sentosa while also taking advantage of the SGD5 F&B Voucher that comes with this package; and the Giant Swing Ticket lets you experience the thrill of a giant swing activity at a height of 450 metres. Skybridge Admission Ticket Only lets you have fun while touring and engaging in several activities available at SkyBridge. Ride the swing at 120 kilometres per hour with your friends and see who can go the fastest!

AJ Hackett Sentosa Ticket Types

AJ Hackett Tickets

AJ Hackett Singapore, is the first adrenaline-themed attraction that welcomes you. Take part in a variety of rides and excursions designed to excite and excite you. With your buddy, take the Tandem Bungy Jump and soar to new heights from the 50-metre Bungee platform. Bungee jumping, the enormous swing, and the sky bridge are all great ways to get your heart rate up and remember what it was like to be a kid again. A number of ticket options are available, so choose what works best for you.

AJ Hackett Bungy Jump + Trick Eye Museum + GoGreen Segway Fun Ride 500M

Get away from your daily routine and head to Sentosa Island with this combo coupon for a fun-filled day! An exciting AJ Hackett Bungy Jump can kick off your day for thrill seekers. Siloso Beach's cliff jumps are a wonderful way to get your heart racing. After that, you can visit the Trick Eye Museum, a fascinating attraction that features 4D optical illusions. Make the most of your time on Sentosa by going on a Gogreen fun Segway ride to explore the island at your own leisure. Invite your closest friends to join you on this day of celebration. What's holding you back? Get your tickets now and enjoy Sentosa Island to the fullest!

MegaZip (PEAK) + Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett: Giant Swing

Mega Adventure's Park includes MegaZip that will take you from the summit of Imbiah Hill, 75 metres above the ground, to the lovely sands of Siloso Beach, 450 metres below, at 60 kilometres per hour beneath the canopy of the jungle. AJ Hackett's Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett offers the ultimate excitement for you and a companion or two on the Giant Swing together.

Why Book AJ Hackett Singapore tickets From Us?

We recommend that you buy your AJ Hackett Singapore tickets online rather than at the venue. Tickets for this attraction sell like hotcakes due to its immense popularity. Purchasing tickets in person necessitates standing in line for significant periods of time. If you want to Bungee Jump from a 47-metre-high platform and let gravity do the work for you, go solo or with a friend on the Giant Swing, and reach speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour, and soak in fantastic views of Singapore on a 2-metre-wide transparent glass floor at the SKybridge, purchasing your tickets online and in advance will make sure that you get the booking date of your choice.

Purchase Tickets to Skip the Line-A popular tourist destination on Sentosa Island, The AJ Hackett Sentosa is a great place to spend a day with loved ones or friends because of the thrilling flight experiences it offers. To avoid long lineups, you may now pre-order your tickets online and prevent waiting in long lines. Bungee jumping and swinging on the Giant Swing at Siloso Beach's 50-metre white tower are great ways to get your heart rate up, but you can also enjoy the city's stunning vistas while sipping a beverage or devouring ice cream, too.

Purchase tickets ahead of time-Plan beforehand. Before you arrive at the AJ Hackett, be sure to reserve your tickets for the date of your choice. E-tickets will be emailed to you and must be displayed before visiting the attraction.

Comfort/Ease-By avoiding long lines and spending about the same amount of money, this method saves you time. Instead, you can simply stroll up and take in the sights and sounds of the soaring activity.

Discounts and best deals- Make sure you get your hands on the most highly recommended AJ Hackett Sentosa Tickets, and choose from the Bungy Jump, Giant Swing, or Skybridge with drink or ice cream for discounts off the regular price of the activity.

Combo tickets-Make the most of your day by purchasing this combo voucher. The AJ Hackett Bungy Jump is located just next to Siloso Beach. To witness your craziest dreams come to life, visit the puzzling Trick Eye Museum, and then take a Segway tour around Sentosa.

Things to do at AJ Hackett Singapore

AJ Hackett Sentosa, Singapore's only adrenaline-centric theme park. You can take part in a variety of rides and excursions designed to excite and excite you. While The Tandem Bungy Jump lets you leap from a 50-metre Bungee deck with a friend or loved one, you can also give in to the thrill of bungee jumping, the nostalgia of a childhood trip down the enormous swing, or take a stroll along the sky bridge.

Bungy Jumping at AJ Hackett Singapore
Skybridge at AJ Hackett Singapore
Giant Swing at AJ Hackett Singapore

Singapore's first-ever bungee jump tower, the AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore Bungy Jump, offers a 47-metre drop. You can now go for a double bungee leap as well! If you and your bestie have agreed to go bungee jumping together, prepare ready for 4 seconds of pure happiness as you soar through the air. The bungee cable is dangling between your toes and a breathtaking view of Sentosa beckons, but are you brave enough to take the leap of faith? Because you plunge into a pool and emerge wet and invigorated, the finale is even better!

Know Before You Go

The minimum and maximum weights are 40kg and 150kg, respectively.

The minimum height required for bungee jump is 120cm.

A maximum of 25 jumpers per hour is permitted.

At least 3.5 metres of water in the jump zone is agitated to circulate the air.

Ten distinct types of jumps are available from the Jump Menu.

Both moving images and still photos can be captured.

If anyone is under the age of 18, parental approval is required.

To overcome your fear of heights, you should visit this location first. Two separate towers are connected by an open-air bridge with glass flooring that reaches a height of 47 metres above the ground. You no longer need to wear a safety harness to cross an open bridge; doing so is fully risk-free. It's exhilarating to soar above Sentosa and take in the stunning views! Here, if you're brave enough, step upon the Glass Cube. The AJ Hackett Sentosa’s Skybridge is the greatest feature, to put it mildly.

Know Before You Go

Skybridge has a 40-metre length and a 47-metre peak.

Handrails can be found on both sides of the staircase.

Can support a load of up to ten metric tonnes in one go.

The L17 Bungy Viewing Area, Paulaner Sunset Deck, L2 Swing Viewing Area, and the Glass Cube are all included in the base ticket price.

As an adult, you'll feel like a kid again as the Giant Swing atAJ Hackett Singapore lets you experience the thrills of a playground swing, but with an extra dose of excitement. More than 120 km/h can be reached from a 40-metre height on the first-ever pair big swing system in the world. It's a great way to see the Siloso Beach from a new perspective with two other people, so get your pals together for this one.

Know Before You Go

This swing has a five-minute cycle.

Solo Swing requires a minimum individual weight of 60 kilogrammes.

For a group of 2-3, each member's weight should be a minimum of 30 kilogrammes.

The maximum combined weight of three people is 300 kg per swing.

Individuals may not exceed a combined total weight of 150 kg.

A person must be at least 120 centimetres tall to participate.

A maximum of 72 people per hour is permitted.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian's permission.

Know Before You Go for AJ Hackett Sentosa

Best time to visit

The best time to visit AJ Hackett Sentosa is in the late afternoon or early evening (between 4 and 6 PM), and to avoid the crowds, go during the weekdays.

Opening hour

The AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore is open Monday-Thursday: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM; Friday: 1:00 PM -8:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 PM -8:00 PMLocation30 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099011

How to reach

By MRTIf you're driving, the closest MRT station is Harbourfront Station, on the North-East line. To get to Beach Station, take the Sentosa Express down to Vivo City's 3rd floor. Siloso Beach may be reached by taking a free tram from here.

By private automobile/ TaxiPass the Sentosa gantry and proceed to Siloso Point, where you should park your automobile and get out of your car immediately. The AJ Hackett towers can be reached by walking down the Siloso beach walkway for five minutes.

Things to keep in mind

If you have a medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, neurological diseases or cardiac conditions, you should contact the authorities prior to participating in order to ensure your personal safety.

The Giant Swing & Bungy is off-limits to women who are expecting or who are currently carrying a child.

Once you've paid for the event, there's no going back.

If you purchase tickets online and need to cancel within 24 hours of the event, you will receive a full refund.

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

On Christmas Eve and public holidays, AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore is open and follows the day's schedule.

FAQs- AJ Hackett Sentosa

Why is AJ Hackett so famous?

AJ Hackett Sentosa is famous for delivering not only thrilling airborne adventures but also stunning vistas of nature and the perfect day out with family or friends.

How do I get to AJ Hackett?

By MRTIf you're driving, the closest MRT station is Harbourfront Station, on the North-East line. To get to Beach Station, take the Sentosa Express down to Vivo City's 3rd floor. Siloso Beach may be reached by taking a free tram from here.By private automobile/ TaxiPass the Sentosa gantry and proceed to Siloso Point, where you should park your automobile and get out of your car immediately. The AJ Hackett towers can be reached by walking down the Siloso beach walkway for five minutes.

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What can I do at AJ Hackett Sentosa?

You can indulge in the top three most recommended activities at AJ Hackett Sentosa which include bungee jumping and riding on the enormous swing, taking in the breathtaking views from the top of Siloso Beach's white gigantic tower. One can also take in panoramic views over Singapore on the 2-metre-wide transparent glass floor of the 40-metre-long Skybridge.

What is the age restriction for bungee jumping in Singapore?

In Singapore, bungee jumping requires a minimum age of 14 years.

How much is bungee jumping at Sentosa AJ Hackett?

At AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore bungee jumping ticket prices start at S$69.

How much are the tickets for AJ Hackett Sentosa?

S$49 is the starting price for AJ Hackett Singapore tickets.

Where can I buy AJ Hackett Sentosa Tickets?

AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore tickets can be purchased online at discounted prices.


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