About Sky Helix Sentosa

As the tallest open-air thrill ride in Singapore, the Sky Helix Sentosa towers over the city with its distinctive vertical helix-like architecture. Sky Helix's team takes all necessary safety procedures, even though the voyage soars into the sky to reveal breathtaking 360-degree views of Sentosa and the Southern Islands. Take a breather, swing your feet in the air, and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. A breathtaking view of the southern shore of Singapore and the Keppel Bay area can be seen from atop the spinning gondola. At SkyHelix Sentosa, you may sip your favourite drinks while admiring some of Singapore's most beautiful sunsets. Unmatched in its kind: The idea of this ride is stunning in addition to being uniquely creative. As you soar above the city, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of Singapore that you won't soon forget. From a great height, the Singapore skyline will take your breath away.

Here, you can enjoy the benefits of the SkyHelix Snack Bar for a quick bite or a refreshing drink before continuing your journey. This new addition to Singapore's skyline and a thrilling experience for visitors alike is lit up by LED lights at dusk and dawn. You enjoy a pleasant 12 minutes up in the windy skies, keeping your cameras close and taking stunning photos; and guests of Sky Helix Sentosa can enjoy an exclusive cocktail at Mount Faber Peak's Dusk Restaurant & Bar throughout their ride.

Why to Book Sky Helix Sentosa Ticket Online

You must book the Sky Helix Singapore tickets online because you can reserve a ride slot in advance if you purchase through the online store or one of the partner outlets. Besides, you will get instant confirmation and can bag great discounts with promo codes. For the tickets to be purchased, you can determine whether your selected date and time slots are available. Moreover, in light of the epidemic, attractions around the world are operating at a reduced capacity. Tickets for a popular site like Sky Helix Sentosa will sell out quickly due to the restricted number of seats available. By purchasing your tickets online ahead of time, you'll be able to sit back, relax, and take it all in at your own pace.

SkyHelix Sentosa Admission Ticket
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Sky Helix Sentosa Admission Ticket
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  • Enjoy an exhilarating ride at Skyhelix Sentosa, Singapore's highest open-air panoramic ride, and have an adventurous experience

  • Experience the thrill as you sit on an open-air gondola and reach the height of 79 meters above sea level

  • Take in the breathtaking 360-degree views of Sentosa Island, Keppel Bay, and Southern Islands as you arrive at the peak

  • Admire this vertical helix-like structure with illuminated LED lights as you take a thrilling night ride

  • Book SkyHelix Sentosa tickets and admire Singapore's landscape, architecture & beauty from the height

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Animals and pets are NOT allowed on the ride.
  • The ride is NOT recommended for guests who are unwell or have existing conditions such as motion sickness or vertigo.
  • Loose clothing and handheld devices such as selfie sticks and mobile phones are to be properly secured at all times during the ride.
  • The following items are NOT permitted on the ride: Hats and bags, Sharp objects such as umbrellas, Items made of glass, Outside food & drinks
  • Kindly be informed that seats availability is on a first come first serve basis. Upon selection of a time slot, no amendments will be allowed.
  • Please arrive on time for your booked time slot. Last boarding for booked time slot will be 15 minutes before the end of the hourly time-slot. Boarding will be on a first come first serve basis within the allocated time slot. You will not be allowed to join the queue 45 minutes after your booked time slot. Example: The boarding time of a 2pm SkyHelix Sentosa ticket is from 2pm to 2.45pm only. For 9pm time slot, please be reminded to arrive punctually at 9pm for the ride.
  • By accepting admission, you understand that there are inherent weather and fire hazards in the activities and hereby agree and accept the aforementioned hazards. You agree to release MFLG from liabilities and responsibilities for personal injury, loss or damage, which may be incurred.
  • Guests will be required to rebook a time slot at ticketing counter if there was a ride suspension.
  • One ride lasts for approximately 12 minutes, including the time it takes for the ride to ascend and descend. Guests will enjoy 10 minutes of breathtaking views while at the apex.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • The ride is NOT suitable for expectant mothers, Guests who have a fear of heights, Guests with limited mobility.
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Sky Helix Sentosa Ticket Options

SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass
SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

This all-inclusive ticket gives you admission to Sky Helix Singapore and the Sentosa Dining Pass. SkyHelix Sentosa, the newest addition to Sentosa, receives its name from its distinctive vertical helix-like structure. Ride to the top of the 79-metre-high Sentosa Tower to catch a glimpse of the city's waterfronts from a new perspective. The open-air gondola revolves at the top, allowing you to take in the 360-degree view while relaxing in your seat. With this Sentosa Dining Pass, you'll be able to sample some of the island's best cuisine, and using it, you can dine at any of the 6-7 affiliated restaurants just to save a good percentage on your bill.

Singapore Cable Car + SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass
Singapore Cable Car + SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

A round-trip trip from Sentosa to Faber Peak is a great way to begin your time in Singapore. Take in the sights and sounds of Singapore's numerous attractions, including the Adventure Cove at Resorts World Sentosa. As you soar 79 metres above sea level in Sentosa Sky Helix’s open-air gondola, you'll feel like a bird with your feet in the air. You'll never forget the feeling of a light breeze stroking your hair as you gaze out over the island of Sentosa and the Southern Islands. The Snack Bar is a great place to grab a snack or a refreshing beverage. This coupon is a must-have for foodies who want to stock up on their favourite snacks and beverages, as you can save big by choosing from seven of Sentosa's most popular eateries. The Royal Taj Sentosa serves delectable Indian cuisine, while Le Faubourg serves tantalising French fare, thus you will be able to eat whatever takes your fancy, whether it's lunch or dinner; simply visit the member restaurants' websites to see what they have on offer.

SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets
SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets

Singapore's highest open-air panorama ride, at 79 metres above ground, provides breathtaking views of the city. Forget your inhibitions and make merry as the SkyHelix flies over Sentosa Island. While sipping on a cold beverage, enjoy the breathtaking views of Sentosa, the Southern Islands, and Singapore. It includes entrance to Sentosa Sky Helix and the Singapore cable car round trip.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass + SkyHelix Sentosa
Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass + SkyHelix Sentosa

At 79 metres above sea level, Singapore's highest open-air scenic ride awaits with Sentosa Sky Helix! Experience the thrill of a round-trip ride on the Mount Faber Line or Sentosa Line cable cars. This is a great opportunity to sample a non-alcoholic beverage while seeing the stunning cityscape of Singapore. It's important to remember that cable car round-trip tickets can be used on either route, provided that one route is used to travel forward and the other route is used to return.

Advantage of Book Sky Helix Sentosa Online

Sky Helix Sentosa tickets should be purchased online rather than at the event. Due to its enormous popularity, tickets for this attraction are flying off the shelves but you'll have to wait in line for a long time in order to buy tickets in person. Therefore, purchasing your tickets online and early will ensure that you receive the booking date of your choice, so you may enjoy the stunning views of the Singapore skyline and the gorgeous surroundings while feeling the wind in your hair.

Advantage of Book Sky Helix Sentosa Online
  • Skip the Line with a Ticket Purchase:The thrilling highest open-air panorama ride at Sky Helix Sentosa, a renowned tourist destination, is a terrific way to spend a day with loved ones or friends. Pre-ordering your tickets online eliminates the need to stand in line.
  • Purchase your tickets in advance:Make a plan ahead of time by booking for the Sentosa Sky Helix in advance. You'll receive an email containing your e-tickets, which you'll need to show at the attraction when you arrive.
  • Comfort/Ease:This strategy saves you time and money by avoiding long queues and charging the same amount. Instead, you might take a leisurely stroll up to observe the frenzied action.
  • Discounts and the most cost effective offers:Take advantage of the best Sentosa Sky Helix Tickets and save a significant amount of money on the activity.
  • Companion tickets:Indulge in Singapore's many attractions and delight in delicious snacks and drinks at the Snack Bar when you purchase this combo Sentosa Sky Helix voucher. This package includes access to the Adventure Cove at Resorts World Sentosa, as well as the other attractions in Singapore.

Know Before You Go Sky Helix Sentosa

Essential Information
How to Reach
  • The breathtaking vistas of the Singapore skyline will have you gasping for air.
  • Take in the gorgeous scenery while feeling the wind in your hair and your legs hanging in the air.
  • Grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink at The Snack Bar at Sentosa Sky Helix to keep your excitement levels high throughout your flight.
  • This new addition to Singapore's skyline and a thrilling experience for visitors alike is lit up by LED lights at dusk and dawn.
  • Hold your cameras near and take beautiful pictures for 12 minutes in the windy skies.
  • The Dusk Restaurant & Bar at Mount Faber Peak offers a special beverage for SkyHelix Sentosa guests.

Other Things to Do Near Sky Helix Sentosa

Singapore Cable Car
Singapore Cable Car

A great way to get to Sentosa is through the Singapore Cable Car, which is one of the most intriguing modes of transportation. Make plans to visit Mount Faber and ride an airborne ropeway to Sentosa Island, which offers spectacular landscapes of the mainland and sea. Sentosa Island may be reached in 15–30 minutes via ferry. Another cable car line was completed in 2015 for aerial transportation and views of the island of Sentosa. The Mount Faber Line, which connects Singapore's mainland with Sentosa Island, is one of two options for a ride on the Singapore Cable Car. Second, there is the Sentosa cable car line, which runs flawlessly throughout the island itself. The Sentosa Cable Car brings you past a variety of notable attractions on the island, including some of the island's most picturesque landscapes. Attractions such as Mount Imbiah's Jungles, Fort Siloso, and MegaZip Adventure Park will be seen from the Skyline Luge's renowned loops; and the island's beautiful beaches and shorelines.

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure Cove Waterpark

Having trouble deciding whether to spend the day at a waterpark or snorkelling with marine animals? Both activities are available at Adventure Cove Park, the exclusive attraction of its sort in Southeast Asia besides the Sky Helix Sentosa. You may float down the lazy river, swim in the wave pool, or cool it down with the kids in the enormous water bucket. If you're seeking excitement, don't miss the Riptide Rocket, a hydro-magnetic roller coaster with diving drops and fast curves, and the high-speed water slides. Afterwards, make your way to the Rainbow Reef, where you'll have the opportunity to swim with 20,000 tropical fish!

Book Now: Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets

Wings of Time
Wings of Time

Siloso Beach's Wings of Time is a year-round outdoor light show. This award-winning production has fireworks, automated water fountains, a dramatic soundtrack, lasers, and a gripping plot. An ancient bird and its two human companions fly through time and space, stopping at ancient Mayan pyramids and trade routes in the East as they discover new places and cultures. To enhance the watching experience, the theatre's unusual design and cutting-edge laser show create a multi-sensory experience for the audience. Awe-inspiring visual effects and cutting-edge animation combine to tell a heartwarming tale of hope, friendship, and love.

Mount Faber Peak
Mount Faber Peak

Mt Faber Peak, Singapore's lone hilltop location has been home to the Singapore Cable Car since 1974, making it an iconic symbol of the city-state. Mount Faber Peak, located 100 metres above the sea level and surrounded by beautiful foliage, is a tranquil haven for city dwellers. In addition to Mount Faber Park, which is one of Singapore's oldest parks, visitors can take a breath of fresh air and immerse themselves in the rural settings of the park. Mount Faber Peak is a treasure trove of pleasures, from breathtaking hilltop vistas to a wide range of leisure, lifestyle, and food and beverage offerings. The Singapore Cable Car was the hill's first attraction when it opened in 1974, and it's a must-see attraction even today.

FAQ of Sky Helix Singapore

How long does the ride last?

    Sentosa Sky Helix is a ride lasting around 12 minutes. At 79 metres above sea level and lasting more than 10 minutes, the ride provides a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding area.

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What is the minimum age requirement?

How long can I use the ticket to visit Sky Helix Sentosa?

What is the maximum number of guests per ride?

Will there be a place for guests to store their bags?

Will food / snacks be served during the ride?

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