Sentosa Discovery Pass

Why to Book Sentosa Discovery Pass ?

Reservations for Sentosa tickets online can be made at any time of day or night, making it the most convenient way to go to the island. You can escape long lineups and crowded ticket booths by purchasing a Sentosa Discovery Pass token. To make the most of your vacation while spending the least, this is an excellent alternative.

Fun Discovery Pass 60 Tokens
i4.9 Stars| Rated By 467+ Customers
Fun Discovery Pass 60 Tokens
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Starts at
INR 61.535
Saving 0%
INR 61.289
/per adult
Fun Discovery Pass 95 Tokens
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Fun Discovery Pass 95 Tokens
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Starts at
INR 91.992
Saving 12%
INR 81.086
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Fun Discovery Pass 130 Tokens
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Fun Discovery Pass 130 Tokens
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INR 134.789
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What Is Sentosa Discovery Pass ?

The Sentosa Discovery Pass is your one-stop pass to 70 activities, F&B, and amazing souvenirs. With this 180-day Discovery PASS, you and your loved ones can have a blast together. Depending on how many tokens they want, customers have a choice of three different passes. Each pass has a different number of tokens: 55, 80, and 120. Depending on how long they plan to stay in Singapore, visitors can choose from a variety of passes. This pass covers about 20 activities; depending on how many tokens are included in your pass, you can pick and choose from a variety of exciting activities.

While each attraction can only be visited once per person using the pass, it is a great way to get the most out of your Singapore holiday besides riding the 4D Adventureland roller coaster. For a more immersive virtual reality experience, visit Wings of Time in Sentosa or HeadRock VR at Sentosa, both of which feature stunning lighting, lasers, and water fountains. You can play Beat Saber, Zombie Busters, Skyscraper & Action VR, and Jungle Rafting with this pass.

In the end, you may experience an amazing free fall at SkyHelix Sentosa, which provides a 360-degree panorama of Sentosa and the southern islands. Your friends will be envious of your beautiful images from Sentosa, so don't forget to bring your camera.

Sentosa Fun Pass Combo Tickets

Universal Studios Singapore™ + Sentosa Discovery Pass

You'll get a firsthand look at what it's like the first and only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios SingaporeTM is located in Singapore. They have a total of 24 new and exciting things to see and do at the park, such as the giant-sized versions of the popular Puss In Boots, Battlestar Galactica, and TRANSFORMERS. The Sentosa Discovery Pass, which gives you access to a larger choice of attractions and activities, is included in this package. At Universal Studios SingaporeTM, you can have a blast on the rides, shows, and Sentosa Discovery Pass attractions. Using 80 Sentosa Discovery Pass tokens, you may save up to 64% on the most popular Sentosa attractions. The Sentosa Discovery Pass can be topped up at the island's attractions.

Sentosa FUN Pass + Sentosa Monorail Express + Singapore Tourist Pass

With 55 Discovery Pass tokens to be used at over 70 attractions, you'll have unlimited access to the best of Sentosa's activities. A three-day city tour of Singapore with unlimited rides on city trains and buses is included in the Sentosa Monorail Express ticket. The Sentosa Discovery Pass token includes 55 tokens that may be used at more than 70 family-friendly attractions, making it an excellent value. Ride the Sentosa Monorail Express to Sentosa and back to VivoCity Station on an unlimited basis. In addition, the Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS gives you three days of unlimited bus and train travel throughout the city.

Activities You Can Enjoy Using Sentosa Discovery Pass



1 Hour Play @ 15 Tokens

Headrock VR @ Southside of Sentosa


  • Admission Tickets (Non-Playing Individuals): 5 Tokens
  • 1 Mineral WaterBottle + 1 Headrock VR Pen: 5 Tokens
  • 1x Dino Keychain: 5 Tokens
  • HR VR Merchandise -1 Hello My Dino Plushie: 10 Tokens
  • 1 VR Game/Ride (Choose any 1 game / Ride of Your Choice): 15 Tokens
  • Hello My Dino Ticket (Child aged 3-9 years old 1- Hour Playtime): 15 Tokens
  • Play 3 (Choose any 3 attractions to Play): 30 Tokens
  • Play 5 (Choose any 5 games/ride of your choice): 50 Tokens
TRICKEYE @ Southside of Sentosa


  • Regular Admission: Adult 30
  • Regular Admission: Child 25
  • 2x Bottled Water: 5 Tokens
  • Mobile Phone Lanyard: 5 Tokens
  • Luggage Tag: 5 Tokens
  • Canvas Bag: 10 Tokens
Wings of Time


  • Wings of Time Standard Seat: 15 Tokens
SkyHelix Sentosa


  • SkyHelix Sentosa Admission Ticket: 15 Tokens
Singapore Cable Car


  • Singapore Cable Car Round Trip: Adult 25
  • Singapore Cable Car Round Trip: Child 25
Madame Tussuads Singapore


  • 4-in-1 (Includes Ultimate Film Star Experience): 35 Tokens
  • 4-in-1 + Digi Photo (Includes Ultimate Film Star Experience): 35 Tokens
  • 5-in-1 + Digi Photo (Includes Marvel 4D): 40 Tokens
  • Racer Selfie: 5 Tokens
  • VR Racing Experience: 10 Tokens
  • 2 x VR Racing Experience: 15 Tokens
Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett


  • Skybridge: 10 Tokens
  • Giant Swing + Skybridge: 55 Tokens
  • Bungy Jump + Skybridge: 100 Tokens
  • Food & Beverages Credit: 15 Tokens
Sentosa Island Bus Tour


  • Sentosa Island Bus Tour: 20 Tokens
iFly Singapore


  • The Teaser package (1 Skydive Experience): 85 Tokens
  • 1 Ice Cream + 1 Tiger / Heineken (Canned): 10 Tokens
  • 1 Ice Cream + 1 Coffee / Tea: 10 Tokens
  • 1 Samosa + 1 Drink (Canned): 5 Tokens
  • 1 Chicken Drumlet + 1 Drink (Canned): 5 Tokens
OLA Beach Club


  • Single Kayak 60 Mins: 25 Tokens
  • Single Kayak 30 Mins with kua'aina Burger (Chicken/Beef) + Choice of Coke or Spririte: 35 Tokens
  • Stand Up Paddleboard (60 Mins): 35 Tokens
  • Double Kayak (60 Mins): 35 Tokens
Go Green Eco Adventure


  • Go Green Metal Straw: 10 Tokens
  • Kick Scooter Rental (1 Hour): 15 Tokens
  • Bicycle Rental (1 Hour): 15 Tokens
  • Bicycle Rental (2 Hours) + Go Green Metal Straw: 30 Tokens
  • Kick Scooter Rental (2 Hours) + Go Green Metal Straw: 30 Tokens
  • Cycle & Relax for 2 Pax (Bicycle rental or Manual Kick Scooter for 2 Hour / pax ) + 1 Beach Mat: 60 Tokens
SENTOSA 4D Adventure Land


  • 4-in-1 Combo (One time Admission) (Extreme log Ride + Haunted Mine Ride + Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island + Desperados):

Adult: 40 Tokens

Child: 35 Tokens

  • Cornetto Ice-Cream / 2 Bottled Soft Drinks (Last Redemption 30 Mins Before Closing): 5 Tokens
  • Deperados: 10 Tokens
  • Extreme Log Rides: 15 Tokens
  • Haunted Mine Ride: 15 Tokens
  • Any 2 Rides: 25 Tokens

Tentative Itinerary For a Day Out With 120 (+10 Free) Tokens

You can visit as many as 4 Sentosa Discovery Pass attractions with the discovery pass and these include the Madame Tussauds, the Headrock VR, the Ola Beach Club and the Singapore Cable Car. At Madame Tussauds you can snap countless selfies while at the Ola Beach Club you can make the most of Hawaiian themed dining while making the most of heart pumping activities. But to discover a world of extreme virtual reality fun you can head to the Headrock VR and travel through blizzards or snow. The discovery pass also lets you kickstart the Sentosa experience by riding the Singapore Cable Car to take in the view of the coastline and jungle.

Madame Tussauds Singapore @ 10 AM

With the Sentosa Discovery Pass token make the most of your time in Singapore by spending some time with the wax figurines of your favourite celebrities. There are an infinite number of wax figures of celebrities at Madame Tussauds. There are wax figures of virtually every well-known Hollywood and Bollywood personality here, so it doesn't matter if you're a movie buff or a Bollywood enthusiast.

Singapore Cable Car @7 PM

Fly from the peak of Mount Faber to a plethora of attractions in Sentosa by hopping aboard the Singapore Cable Car at 7 PM. You will be amazed to catch the sweeping views of the beautiful greenery, golden beaches and the exciting island.

Headrock VR @ 1 PM

With the Sentosa Discovery Pass token take a virtual trip to any location and historical era by visiting HeadRock VR in Sentosa. Your blood will pump faster as you raft through turbulent currents and fire at hordes of undead. You can also interact with your friends in a range of entertaining games including Storm Blizzard and Beat Saber!

Ola Beach Club @ 4PM

Ola in Sentosa is the perfect urban getaway from the commotion of the city. When it's daytime, guests can lounge by the pool with their kids, sip cocktails, and eat light fare while taking in the view of the lagoon from the open area. Jetblading (available only through Ola) and other classics like stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, banana boats, and donut rides may also be found here.

Know Before You Book Sentosa Discovery Pass

How To Get To Sentosa
How To Get Around Sentosa
Things To Keep In Mind
How To Use Discovery Pass

By Sentosa Express:Visit Sentosa Island by taking the Sentosa Express monorail from VivoCity level 3. You can get out at Resorts World Station, Imbiah Station, or Beach Station to get the monorail to the island, which takes 3 to 5 minutes.

By Cable Car:For those who arrive by cable car, they'll be rewarded with a stunning aerial view of the cityscape, the harbour and Sentosa island. This includes Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios. Take Exit B from the Harbourfront MRT to go to Harbourfront Center.

By Taxi:In order to avoid waiting in line at local taxi stands, you can use the Grab app (which allows you to hire private automobiles).

As a result of services like underground parking, an efficient internal transit network, and beach shuttles, you'll always be able to get around the island quickly and comfortably. The Sentosa Bus, Sentosa Express, and Beach Shuttle are all free to use on the island.

  • It's only possible to enter one attraction at a time with the Sentosa Discovery Pass.
  • After the initial use of the pass, the pass is good for two additional days.
  • Redeeming a pass at a Sentosa ticketing counter within three months of purchase requires a valid online confirmation receipt.
  • Tickets for children ages 3 to 12 are available for purchase.
  • All Sentosa Discovery Passes have a two-day validity duration after being exchanged for confirmation receipts for Sentosa Discovery Passes.
  • Two consecutive days and times, or until attractions close down whichever comes first; this pass is valid.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and only permit one visit per person to each attraction.

You can buy the Sentosa One Day Discovery Pass from the official website or any ticketing counter of Sentosa and flash at any of the chosen attractions. To keep the fun element going with the pass, you can top the card with 5 dollars for 5 tokens at the ticketing counter .

Sentosa Discovery Pass FAQs

What is the Sentosa Discovery Pass?

With the Sentosa Island Discovery Pass you can choose from more than 20 different activities over the course of two days, all at a significant discount. When compared to purchasing individual tickets to each attraction, you'll save more than 60%. Also, even if it rains, you may still have a blast with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Tokens can be topped up all across Sentosa Island for as little as $5.

What is the Sentosa entry fee?

Entrance to Sentosa is free for pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers of public transportation. Those arriving by taxi or private automobile could expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $6, while the general public using the monorail should expect to pay $4, while concession card holders should only expect to pay $2, and Islander members should expect to pay nothing.

What activities are covered under the Sentosa Discovery Pass?

Activities covered under the Sentosa Island Discovery Pass include getting tricked by the Trick Eye Museum’s visual illusions, bungee jumping at the Aj Hackett Tower, trying indoor skydiving at the iFly, and taking on a 2-hour sailing excursion on royal Albatross. Some other activities include exploring Kidzania Singapore, the Wave House, The S.E.A Aquarium, and the Madame Tussauds. For more information about sentosa attractions you can checkout the Sentosa Island Guide.

How much does the Sentosa Discovery Pass cost?

The Sentosa Island Discovery Pass costs $51 for the 55 token pass, $72 for the 80 token pass, and $105 for the 120 token pass.

Where can I buy the Sentosa Discovery Pass?

You can get your Sentosa Island Discovery Pass from our website or from an offline counter.

How many people can use the Sentosa Discovery Pass?

The Sentosa One Day Discovery Pass is only valid once per person for each attraction. Passes can only be used during operating time or until the attractions close, whichever comes first.

Is the Sentosa Discovery Pass valid for children?

Yes, Sentosa Discovery Pass is valid for children aged 3-12 but children under the age of 12 must be escorted by an adult.

How long is my Sentosa Discovery Pass valid for?

This pass is valid for successive days, but only during the operational hours of each attraction. You have three months from the date of purchase to use your Sentosa Discovery Pass online confirmation and redemption.

How many attractions can I cover in a day with the Sentosa Discovery Pass?

You can cover as many as 5 different attractions in one day with the Sentosa Discovery Pass.


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